Custom Refinish

Live in Color is happy to provide our refinishing services to you here in the boutique. We will take the time to sit down, and discuss the piece you want refinished, and the vision that you have. Discussing color choices, finishes and giving you an understanding of what we will be doing to complete your project is our priority.
Each discussion ends with a formal contract that includes everything discussed to be sure that your need is met. Finally, we will discuss the turn around time and local pickup, delivery or drop off of furniture. Our goal is to be sure there is a clear understanding of the job! Our turn around time is typically within 3 to 5 business days depending on the size of the job.

Pick Up and Delivery

Pickup and delivery of items is available. Local pickup and delivery is $90.00. The fee includes pick up and delivery from a garage or driveway.
We offer this service as a courtesy and to make it convenient for our clients, however; we will not deliver and replace furniture inside the home. It is your responsibility to place your furniture in your home. 

Outside Refinishing Services

Large, over sized items, and cabinetry can be refinished in your home. Prices vary and are discussed prior to service.